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I’m Scared

I live in fear every day.  A fear that drives me to the point of going crazy.  A fear constantly pounding inside my head with every thought, word, and action.  It has me second guessing so  much of my life. … Continue reading

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On His Own

My son is becoming more independent as the days go by.  While at the park over the weekend he pushed my hand away so he could walk on his own towards the slide.  He’s almost 16 months old, I’m not … Continue reading

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First Haircut

The boy had been looking shaggy.  Hair flopping around on the top of his head and a mullet trickling down his neck.  My wife was hating the way he was starting to look and wanted to have him get a … Continue reading

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Constant Fear

Every day a thought of what I might be doing wrong raising my son pops into my head.  I fear that something I say or do will somehow impact my son negatively.  I’m scared that somehow some little thing he … Continue reading

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Too Many Distractions

Distractions have become the norm in every day life.  We can no longer go more than 5 minutes without checking our phones for some type of update.  We can’t sit longer than 15 minutes and focus on one project before … Continue reading

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Child’s Play

My body hurts from too many years of manual labor.  Hauling lumber and drywall has taken its toll.  These last two sentences were for a character I was writing about in a short story, but realized they also are an … Continue reading

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Celebrating My Son

My son has just recently reached the nine month mark of his life.  He’s been on the outside longer than he was on the inside now.  It’s weird to think of it that way, but my mind thinks weirdly.  The … Continue reading

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