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Learning Halloween

We picked out the perfect pumpkin for carving.  We took our time while visiting grandma and grandpa in Michigan and made sure it was the right size and shape to carve into the perfect Jack-O-Lantern. This being said, the boy … Continue reading

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The True Joys

If I have a tough day at work my son is able to make me forget it.  If I lose track of what’s important in life my family helps me realize why I wake up every morning. Things may not … Continue reading

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Great Grandfather

I was going through some of my old stories I’ve written but have never really shared and decided the piece I’m about to post was something I needed to.  It’s a bit of creative non-fiction pertaining to my great grandfather. … Continue reading

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Goofy Traits

Sometimes my son acts goofy.  Okay, so my 2 year old acts goofy all of the time.  What 2 year old doesn’t?  But sometimes when he’s getting goofy he’ll snicker a certain way, or make a noise, or wring his … Continue reading

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Camping With A Toddler

I will start this post with a disclaimer.  What we are calling camping many others would not.  We stayed in my parents fifth wheel trailer which had all the amenities of a very small apartment including air conditioning.  I am … Continue reading

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15 Years

This past weekend my wife and I finally were able to celebrate our anniversary.  Our actual date is June 3rd, but seeing how the boy was born on June 2nd our celebration is often pushed back in order to celebrate … Continue reading

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The Fun Never Ends

Celebrating the boy once again.  I’m not going to bore you with tales of how great the food was, or how the decorations made the garage look amazing, or how the cupcakes were the best I’ve ever had.  I know … Continue reading

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