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Lost and Forgotten

This post will be short and to the point.  I feel like these discarded toys.  I once brought joy to those around me, but now flounder in an alley full of despair.  Such is the way I feel this week. … Continue reading

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I’m Scared

I live in fear every day.  A fear that drives me to the point of going crazy.  A fear constantly pounding inside my head with every thought, word, and action.  It has me second guessing so  much of my life. … Continue reading

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Holiday Weekend

First things first.  We had planned on successfully potty training our son over the holiday weekend.  He had been showing a growing interest in using the potty and seeing how we had no plans for the weekend we figured why … Continue reading

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Thoughts Of The Week

I didn’t write a post about Father’s Day because I didn’t know what to write.  I had no thoughts on what to bring to the page and figured anything I shared would sound like a thousand other dad bloggers out … Continue reading

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And so it begins.  The boy has decided it is time to see how far he can go before getting in trouble.  He fights us during clean up and when asked to take care of things, he throws them to … Continue reading

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Teaching Confidence

How do you teach confidence?  How do you make sure your child has the confidence they need without making them think they’re special?  How can you help your child believe in themselves when others don’t? These are the things I’m … Continue reading

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On His Own

My son is becoming more independent as the days go by.  While at the park over the weekend he pushed my hand away so he could walk on his own towards the slide.  He’s almost 16 months old, I’m not … Continue reading

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