My Little Helper

011377626155521fade74790a6fc4b14b660e0e49dMy two year old son is an amazing helper.  Especially when it comes to taking care of things that aren’t his toys.  Just this afternoon I was working on my bike and he was constantly digging through my tool box and pulling out wrenches, levels and anything else he could.  He was tinkering right along beside me on my bike while yelling “Mom, I’m helping,” until my wife came into the room to acknowledge his hard work.  It probably took me twice as long as it should have to finish with him helping, but it was cute.

His helping doesn’t end with working on my bike.  Oh no.  He tries jumping in with a helping hand with everything we do around the house.  I’ll get started on 01f185fe1eec00e130534f7c1f5399618c25527bd3dinner and the next thing I know the kid is grabbing his stool and waddling over to the counter saying, “I help daddy,” and climbing right up beside me and grabbing whatever is in reach.

My wife will be working on the laundry and before she knows it the laundry is scattered all over the floor with my son letting her know. “I help mommy.”

If I am feeding or watering the pets, my son is right there saying, “I help daddy.”  If I’m taking the dog out for a walk, he’s hollering, “dog walk daddy,” and grabbing the leash.

01c231df30591154bfd265121c970c84673ea290cePutting groceries away, vacuuming, putting a record on the player, or trying to do the dishes; it’s always the same thing, “I help,” and his little hands grabbing at what you’ve got in yours.  It’s cute, but also frustrating because all you are really wanting to do is get whatever needs to be done and not have to take the time to teach someone how to do it because they want to help.

Now if only when it’s time to clean up his toys he would be so anxious to help.  That would be great.


About jharbottle7

I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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One Response to My Little Helper

  1. pstippich says:

    That is stinking adorable. It really is the best when our little guys want to get right in the mix of things and help, even if they may cause a little bit more work.

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