Camping With A Toddler

camping 019-1I will start this post with a disclaimer.  What we are calling camping many others would not.  We stayed in my parents fifth wheel trailer which had all the amenities of a very small apartment including air conditioning.  I am not trying to say we roughed it in any way other than we cooked multiple meals over a fire and had to use the camp showers.  This being said, I will go on to share our experiences camping with our son.

019f7355f2c67fb164ccbbc7cbd814fb75e2c3714eCamping was something I did growing up.  We’d head up to northern Michigan for a week of traveling and camping or just head out to the small campground in southern Michigan where my family went this past weekend.  Camping was something I enjoyed doing and had always hoped to share that joy with my son.  My wife on the other hand isn’t one who loves to get up close with the great outdoors when it comes to vacations.  She would rather enjoy the comforts of a hotel while exploring what this great nation has to offer instead of fighting the elements and bugs.

01b208d392e1ff09d4d94ec1d2bdfc9cb20a8577faI was a little worried heading into our trip about how my son was going to do sleeping in a camper and spending a majority of our time outside in the elements.  I was worried he’d struggle to sleep and get bored sitting around the campfire and campsite.  My worries were of naught because the kid took to camping like a firefly to dusk.

He loved the idea of always being outside playing and was intrigued by the fire, so much so we had to continuously remind him to stay back.  He loved the 01c6e87b5fe36f1a75ee1811ae49c0ff353a197d6eidea of being able to go for long walks through the open field in front of my parent’s camper and wandering around the campground with his cousins.  They came out to visit for a night and he played so hard we all got a great nights sleep.

0184f7480be6af33d86d845528fabda1a24b48bffbIf I didn’t know better I’d think he was a seasoned camper.  He thought it was great cooking hot dogs over the fire and roasting marshmallows for s’mores.  He loved swimming in the small lake and taking the paddle boat out around the lake and he didn’t bat an eye when we’d set up the dishes around the picnic table for dinner.  He was at home in the campground and I loved how much he took to camping.

01b550034c1fb44d6ee4c45239ae4a46e051a0ac68I think the success of the camping trip was also due to the close proximity to my family.  He was able to spend time with his cousins, playing for almost 5 hours with them as the sun set.  They ran chasing balls and each other, dragged one of us adults along for long walks exploring the campground, and ate as many marshmallows they could.  It was fun watching him enjoy something I once did as a kid the same way I did, with family.

013b62564f8bcb3273d7f7df64937c10eac8b46837All in all, my experience camping with a toddler was nothing short of a great time.  I loved the experience as much as he did and I’m hoping this is only the first of many camping trips our family will be taking over the years to come.  I’ll still take my wife on the trips she enjoys, but I will always look forward to taking my son on camping trips to enjoy the great outdoors.


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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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