Goodbye To One

Last night my wife laid our son down as a one year old, this morning she pulled him out of his bed a two year old.  The past two years have flown by.  I still remember spending 24 hours in the hospital waiting for him to arrive.  I remember the first time he rolled over on his own, sat up on his own, and took his first steps.  All of these memories feel like they happened just yesterday.  He’s growing fast and I’m gathering a great collection of memories, but the speed at which the years are adding up needs to slow down.

William 2nd birthday 002We spent last night baking a cake, putting together one of his gifts and reminiscing about the day he came into our lives.  After a glass of wine, a couple restarts on his kitchen, and cupcakes baked we headed to bed excited to see William’s reaction to his gift.

William 2nd birthday 007

A large grin broke across his tired face when he stepped out into our kitchen and saw his new toy.  He went straight to it and started pulling open the doors and turning the water knobs.  It was fun to watch him play and drag is pots and pans out to his new kitchen.

William 2nd birthday 015For dinner we did nothing special because we’re planning a party this weekend with friends and family back in Michigan so it was simple tonight.  But the best part of the evening was when we finished eating and were ready to bring out the cake.  We turned out the lights, lit the candles and brought the cake in.  His face lit up, he bounced in his seat, and yelped as we sang and placed the cake in front of him.

William 2nd birthday 017He was enjoying himself as were both my wife and I.  His first birthday was a fun milestone, but so far his second has been the more enjoyable for me.  He gets excited at the small things involved with birthdays and interacts with what we’re trying to do.  He still hasn’t figured out how to be able to let people know how old he is, but at least he gets excited when people have said happy birthday.

William 2nd birthday 018Now that his official birthday is coming to a close we have the party to look forward to.  It will be fun sharing this moment with our friends and family back home.  I know more memories will be made and hope I remember to capture some of the fun with my camera.


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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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