A Night Without The Boy

It’s been just over 20 months since my son was born and it only took my wife and I that long to finally have a night away.  I’ve had a couple when they’ve gone to visit family, but never have we left our son in the care of another so we could enjoy the relaxation we once knew.

The night wasn’t anything other than a chance for us to relax, recharge and enjoy an evening of not saying no every 2 minutes.  We enjoyed a quiet afternoon of shopping, chatting and exploring the city in which we once lived.  We sat down for lunch at a table for two then slowly wandered around the streets sipping on coffee all the while not worrying if the boy was getting tired, cold or needed to be changed.   Of course the thought was on my mind of how our son was doing, yet I was still able to not let that contain all of my thoughts.  I was able to let it go that my mother-in-law would be fine and so would our son in her care.

011-1An evening of lazy t.v. watching and reading was followed by an extraordinary dinner with adult beverages and dessert.  We sat at the bar for probably too long, not drinking but enjoying the company of each other and enjoying a conversation not interrupted by our son’s needs.  Of course we talked about him, but we also talked about our desires for the future, the urgency to feel settled in the town we live and how much we needed the chance to get away and recharge.

The morning was something I hadn’t experienced in a long time.  Sleeping in, not having a boy whining to get up and immediately expecting to play.  We were able to lay for what seemed like hours in a comfortable bed and only getting up to answer the door for our room service.

The night without the boy was exactly what we needed and made us realize we are all ready for grandparent sleepovers.  The boy loved his time being spoiled by grandma, grandpa and auntie and me and the wife enjoyed being spoiled by ourselves with great food and great conversation.


About jharbottle7

I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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