Children’s Books

Is there a standard when it comes to children’s books?  Do they only publish the most colorful and flashiest books or do they take the time to read them and see if the story is good as well?  I’m only asking because I’m finding more and more of the books my son has to be unbearable when it comes to the story.  I understand I’m an adult who would find many of the stories being told in these books to be boring, but at least most of them do a good job in telling a tale a child will enjoy.

The book that has brought this thought up and that I refuse to read anymore is Dot and Dash Eat Their Dinner.  This book is colorful and full of friends, but there is no substance 51cP3EqqAGL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_to the story.  There’s nothing what so ever a child can take from hearing this story when read to them.  The story is all about how Dash doesn’t want to eat the dinner that’s been prepared for them.  Dash won’t eat anything because Dash will only eat pink foods.  Meanwhile you’re told by the narrator that the rest of the characters are enjoying dinner so much.  Dash only eats the food once it’s revealed there’s pink ice cream for dessert.  Then all of a sudden Dash eats everything.

I know it’s a children’s book and the story should be simple, but there is no story here.  There’s nothing in these pages that constitutes a story.  To me this story was created for the illustrations created and this was as creative as they could get.  I also realize I might be a little negative towards a story many children enjoy and to that I apologize, but to me there needs to be a better standard for what is published for children. (I also feel there’s a great deal of rubbish published for adults as well.  Has anybody else wasted their time with Gone Girl?)


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2 Responses to Children’s Books

  1. I have not heard of this children’s book, but I have several that I do not care to read to my daughter as well. Some I do not think teach a very good lesson, so I leave them out of our book rotations. I did however like Gone Girl. I read it last year & found it to be a fun read, a tad predictable, but I liked it.

    • jharbottle7 says:

      My wife and I allow my son to pick the books, but do try and persuade him to not pick the ones we don’t like. I’m thinking we need to start weeding them out of the bookshelf so he won’t pull them out.
      As for Gone Girl, I agree with it being predictable, but I also felt the characters were too one dimensional and that they were too simple in their needs. I just found myself not caring what happened to any of the characters by the end of the book. The only reason I finished it was because I was reading it in a book club.

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