Cookie Memories

008-1This past weekend I decided to make my favorite cookies after my wife had been bugging me for the last couple weeks to do so.  I had been baking donuts and cast-iron cookies the last few weeks instead of the delicious no-bake cookie because I was trying to be more creative in the kitchen.  So finally I bought the ingredients for the wonderful little chocolate treats and went about to making them.  I must apologize to my dad at this point if he thought I was going to talk about the great chocolate chip cookies he bakes, but there’s no denying my fond memories of my mom’s delicious no-bake cookies she would make during the holiday season and how much I enjoyed them every year.

011-1I remember smelling chocolate wafting through the house as my mom slowly brought the ingredients to melting in the pot.  I’d wait in the dining room, watching through the kitchen door for my mom to spoon out the gooey, chocolatey goodness out onto the wax paper and leave it unattended so I could slip in and slid a spoon beneath the still warm mess and let the warmth of the chocolate melt into my tongue.  I remember eating too many and getting sick from the sweetness yet never letting that keep me from eating just one more until they were gone.  I remember feeling dismayed when the last one was in my hands and I slowly enjoyed the flavors one more time before they were gone.

015-1Many of these memories are probably why I didn’t want to make them until now.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to control myself with no-bakes in the house and would devour each and every one until the container was empty.  My wife would become angry at my inability to control myself around the little dollops of chocolate and we would fight over the last one. Thankfully this hasn’t happened yet and I am controlling myself around the cookies, but I can’t promise they’ll be here much longer.

016-1This being said, after making them and realizing how easy they are to make, I plan on finding ways to make sure I make a batch of these more often.  I also plan on having William help me with these once he’s a little older because of how easy they are to make.  He could easily help stir the oats into the chocolate and would probably enjoy plopping spoonfuls onto the wax paper.  018-1I found out already he loves eating them and will have no problem keeping up with his dad when it comes to consuming these cookies.  I’m also hoping helping me will create the type of memories he can share when he’s old and making cookies for himself and his family.


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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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One Response to Cookie Memories

  1. path4ward says:

    I missed making them for you this year. But I’m glad you’re taking this tradition and making it your familiy’s own. Traditions may change but we still pass a version on to the next generation.

    Years and years ago my Grandma Garnett taught me to make them in her tiny, efficiency apartment kitchen. Little did I know her teaching would become such a big part of our family memories, nor did I ever consider her great, great grandson would be waiting expectantly to taste this treat as his dad makes this family favorite.

    For us, the no-bake cookies at Christmas began when I was a young teen making goodie boxes for your Great Grandpa Zeller as his Christmas gifts. I think he delighted in them as much as you. And now his great, great grandson reaps from the love of this tradition and benefits from making tasty, new memories.

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