The Holiday Rush

Many of you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything in the last few weeks. I’ve noticed, yet have not been able to get myself to the computer to put anything down for you to read. It’s crazy how time can pass so quickly when all your doing is rushing around visiting friends and family and making sure all the gifts are bought and wrapped.

004So to catch you up on how things are going around here I’ll start back at Thanksgiving. The typical Thanksgiving fanfare took place. Dinner with the wife’s extended family all huddled in a rented room. Awkward small talk with people I don’t know very well and picking at food I’m not too sure about. It was nice for what it was and I did enjoy the dinner, but it was nice to head back to my in-laws to relax in their home with just the immediate family.

055-1One great thing that happened over the Thanksgiving weekend was taking my son sledding for the first time. Almost all day on Thanksgiving snow had been falling blanketing West Michigan in a nice fluffy coating. We had brought his snow pants and coat in hopes to have an opportunity to try them out and to see how much he would enjoy the snow. Thankfully he loved it. We found a small hill where I could stand at the bottom to catch my son as my wife pushed him down. The smile on his face said it all and he didn’t seem like he could get enough of sledding. Unfortunately for him all the adults out enjoying this soon became too cold and were ready to head in. We’re hoping snow will begin to fall again soon so we can enjoy more time outdoors sledding and building snowmen.

006Shortly after Thanksgiving we headed out to buy our Christmas tree.  We do enjoy the smells and sights of a real tree, but we don’t venture out to the countryside to cut our own or anything like that.  Our adventure takes place at the local Home Depot only a mile away. But it’s still fun to go and pick the tree out and bring home on top of the car.  Once I had dragged the tree up to our third floor apartment we set out to decorate it.  Little hands got in the way many times making it tough to get it done in a timely fashion, but watching him study the tree and watch as we hung the lights made any little distraction he created no 006bother at all.  He still oohh’s and aahh’s every time we turn on the lights and if the tree isn’t lit he points to the power outlet until we plug it in.  It’s definitely cute the way he loves the tree.  There’s also the constant stream of no’s coming from me and mom as he continually tries to pull on the ornaments or dig into the gifts laid out beneath the branches.  All in all though it’s been a fun experience this Christmas with a 1 and a half year old even with the constant reprimands.  (The word no is becoming a regular thing in our household and is suddenly the word that comes to mind first every time my son starts to head towards anything.)

june2000 014Recently we have been trying to enjoy the holiday season by doing festive things around the city.  This past weekend we took our son to Lincoln Park Zoo for Zoo lights.  He seemed to love looking at all the lights flashing and lighting up the night sky.  As we june2000 031-1 june2000 032-1pushed him through the crowds I could tell he was watching in amazement at the lights circling the trees.  I do believe though the highlight of our trip was the train ride.  It was a simple little ride around a small area with lights and figures set up, but the joy he had on his face as we circled around was priceless.  (Unfortunately I didn’t put the camera on automatic setting for my wife so we don’t have any clear pictures of the train experience.  There’s always next year.)  The joy quickly turned to tears though as our ride came to an end and I picked him up to get off the car.  Thankfully there was enough other distractions that the screaming only lasted a few moments.  It was a fun time we had walking through the lighted zoo and something I plan to do for as many years as he enjoys it.

3178226_3-1Finally, we had our visit with Santa.  We stood in line at Macy’s for almost a hour and  a half before getting our time with the guy and after last year we had high hopes of our son not being the kid that screams when he sees the big jolly fellow.  Thankfully he wasn’t. (He did sit on his lap last year without even a whimper.)  However, we had to have a family portrait with good ol’ Saint Nick this year because the boy wouldn’t sit on his lap.  We tried a few times to get him to sit real quick, but as my wife tried to slide him onto Santa’s lap my son would push further into her arms.  So eventually we compromised and all sat with Santa to get the picture.

june2000 014Even though this holiday seems busier than ever it’s still been one of my favorites.  It’s fun watching my son as he grows and becomes aware of his surroundings.  Taking in what is happening and looking at things in wonderment.  It’s great watching as he makes the connections with the things we do and how we celebrate.  I’m in amazement as much as he is as I see these things with a new sense of wonder as well because he has opened my eyes to old joys I once had and new joys I’m experiencing for the first time.


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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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