Favorite Moment

008I’m one of the many who have to drag themselves out of bed and go to a job they don’t particularly enjoy.  Sure the job has it’s moments that aren’t as bad as others, but for the most part I can think of a dozen other things I’d rather be doing at any given time than spending time at my office.  Many of these other things is spending time with my family and this is what brings me to my favorite moment of every work day.

012I commute by bike through the streets of Chicago and for most of my ride I’m letting the stress of my day fall off my back and along the pavement below.  I don’t want to bring anything home with me that will take away from the time I have with my wife and son and definitely don’t want any stress from my job keeping me in a bad mood.

016When I finally reach our house and make my way up the back stairs I can often hear my son playing in our apartment chasing our dog or dragging her leash through the kitchen.  I can hear his laughter echoing in the alleyway between the buildings and his screeches of joy as the dog licks his face.  I know when I open up the door and see his smiling face everything will be exactly how I want it to be.  My son, my wife and I enjoying an evening together.

020Once the doorknob is turned and I swing the door open, my son stops whatever he’s doing and screams Daddy with so much joy and happiness I instantly feel warm, joyful and excited to be where I am at that moment.  In the kitchen, picking up my son for  a hug and kiss, and forgetting anything and everything that had happened the past 9 hours.

011My favorite moment of every weekday is 4:30 pm CT as I swing the door open and see my family once again.


About jharbottle7

I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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