A Kid And His Park

William and I 024My son could spend the entire day playing on the same play structure without ever getting bored.  He climbs and slides and swings on the same things every visit and yet never is willing to leave when me and mom are ready to go.  He’s always wanting to climb one more time, swing even higher or slide faster.  He loves watching the other children running and playing and I can see in his eyes the yearning to be able to run on his own.

William and I 002He is becoming more adventurous when we’re at the park playing.  He reaches farther when holding on and walking through the play structure and is willing to venture off by himself if we’ll let him.  He’s trying to become independent (sooner than I want him to) and using the playground to show us he can do things.

DSC_0059I love that he loves playing in the park and is trying to do new things.  He doesn’t hesitate when there’s a step in his way or slide to go down.  He’s ready to face those challenges as any young child will.  Head first and not knowing there might be consequences that don’t feel good when you land.  This is scary knowing he could get hurt as he explores, but I also don’t want to limit him because of my fear of injury.  He needs to learn a tumble might hurt but that all you have to do is brush it off and the pain will go away.  He needs to learn fear will only limit what he’s capable of and if he can believe in what he’s doing he can do anything.

William and I 032We take William to the park almost every day so he can play outside and so he can develop the skills he needs to grow.  We make sure he plays throughout the day because playing is the best way for him to learn.  Although, right now the only place he wants to play in our house is everywhere but his room, which is stressful.  Understanding the world around him with playfulness will only help him see the world for what it is, a giant playground waiting to be explored and will help him be able to work out problems in creative ways.  So spending countless hours on the same playground structure for my son to learn his limitations and abilities is something I’ll always be willing to do rain or shine.




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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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One Response to A Kid And His Park

  1. tonyaharbottleTonya says:

    At least our current playground is hospital adjacent.

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