One Year Later

The new family

The new family


William, it’s been a year since you came into our lives.  We waited 9 long months and one very long day in the hospital for you to arrive and I want you to know, you were worth the wait.



This first year has been a great year of firsts.  The first ride home in the carseat that I worried for the longest IMG_1401time I didn’t get in right.  The first walk around the neighborhood because mom was tired of laying around and needed to get out and the first trip to the grocery store strapped to my chest in the Bjorn.


The first time you met all your grandparents was special for all of us.









IMG_0118The first trip to Michigan was memorable because we celebrated my first Father’s day that weekend.  The first time you noticed the cat and dog walking around the room was fun, the realization that they were funny to watch made me laugh at your excitement.



IMG_1503IMG_1464The first few baths didn’t go the greatest.  You didn’t seem to really enjoy being washed. There was your first cold we both shared on my birthday and the many sleepless nights trying to get over it.


Meeting all your great grandmas was a special moment for me and your mom because of being able to share that moment with them.










There was the first time you rolled over, surprising all those present including yourself. The first few car rides were nothing but horrible, but you’ve finally started enjoying the rides we take around the city and back to visit your grandparents.

IMG_1637 Your first day of daycare was hard for all of us.  Mom had to go back to work and you had to spend the day with a new person.  She has however become one of your favorite people.



You questioned your first few bites of solid food, but quickly grew to love all the new flavors.



IMG_1824IMG_0841Your first Halloween you were sick so we stayed home and cuddled.  I didn’t mind.




IMG_0258Our first trip as a family we traveled to the great city of Milwaukee and took your photo with the bronze Fonze and took IMG_0271a dip in a pool.



IMG_0360You made us get a real tree for your first Christmas even though we weren’t planning on decorating at all.  That’s why it looked so bare. IMG_0403 You were spoiled on your first Christmas and still haven’t played with everything you got.




I tried to introduce you to hockey but you didn’t seem to grasp the sport.  We’ll keep trying this one.

DSC_0017You and the dog slowly but surely have become friends.  It only took you trying to feed yourself and dropping it to the floor to make the dog come around.

DSC_0139There was the first night in your crib and no longer in our room and the long nights of getting used to you not being right next to us.

DSC_0007The crawling came along and the next thing I knew was our apartment was not as child proof as I had thought.  Chasing the dog became your new favorite thing and the dog hasn’t been the same since.

IMG_0063_2Sitting up on your own was a great new trick you quickly came to enjoy.  Always trying to be upright to see the world from a different point of view.

DSC_0014This new trick didn’t last long as the newest because shortly you were pulling yourself to standing and excited about all the new things you could get into.

DSC_0009Your first trip to the park was on a warm April day and the swing DSC_0024was your favorite part. Going to the zoo on Easter turned out to be more fun for your mom and I, but I’m glad we went.



DSC_0006I’ve had many great conversations with you even though I have no idea what you’re saying. You just seem very convincing and I am willing to listen anytime.

DSC_0071Your first trip to the Tulip Festival was fun.  Watching the parade, enjoying the warm weather with family and friends and dressing up in your Dutch boy outfit was just a few of the highlights that weekend.

DSC_0023Sharing some slide time with mom on Mother’s day, taking a long walk with mom through the neighborhood her and I lived in before moving to Chicago made this Mother’s day a fun one.



Your first few steps are just starting to happen and I can only imagine the fun you’ll have once you’ve figured out how to do it all on your own.


DSC_0005You’re growing too fast and soon the firsts will become seconds, thirds, and old habits. We’ll still continue to make memories we’ll cherish, but this first year has been the first year I knew what true love was.  You’ve made me understand what it means to be selfless and how someone can love something so much it hurts.

Son, I want you to know this first year of your life has been the best year I’ve had and I look forward to many more with you.  Learning, loving, playing, singing, and dancing.




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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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3 Responses to One Year Later

  1. path4ward says:

    Beautiful! If only my tears could speak. But for now, I’ll let them be.

  2. arranbhansal says:

    Beautiful! It’s amazing just how much they change your life, and also how much they grow!

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