Mother’s Day and Tulip Time

DSC_0023I’m not one who can create great celebrations for others.  This has to do with the fact I don’t like celebrating me and haven’t learned how this is important to others.  (Just one of the many flaws I have).  That being said, I did my best to make sure we did what we could to make my wife’s first Mother’s day as special as possible.

My son and I picked out a card and necklace DSC_0001for her as a gift, which she opened back on Thursday because she was too excited to wait, and she seemed to like it.  When I say we I mean I picked it out.  If I asked my son to pick he’d just grab whatever was within reach, so he’s not really helpful at this age picking things out for mom.

Had to put the little Dutch boy in a Dutch costume

Had to put the little Dutch boy in a Dutch costume

As for the day itself, we had been in Holland Mi. visiting family and enjoying the parade at the Tulip Time Festival on Saturday and planned nothing but low-key things to do on Sunday.  Have lunch with her family, visit her grandma and maybe take a walk before driving back to Chicago.

We ended up making our short trip out to our favorite neighborhood in the Grand Rapids area a little longer than planned as we strolled the neighborhood sipping on iced coffee and reminiscing about when we lived there before moving to Chicago.  It was, in my opinion, the perfect afternoon that I didn’t want to end.  The sun was high and bright, a cool breeze kept us feeling refreshed, and our son seemed to enjoy the walk sitting in his stroller.  We talked about when we would walk those sidewalks as a young couple looking forward to our future family and how we could have so much fun in and around where we lived.  Growing old together in a fun neighborhood.  How crazy life changes and evolves.

DSC_0003These are the moments I cherish.  Not the extravagant gifts, expensive meals, or trips to fancy locales, but the things we do as a family that brings us together that will have the lasting impact on us all.  The small moments of walking through a park and swinging, watching a band march, taking a walk through memory lane, and making sure we make each other realize how important they are.

DSC_0081We didn’t get home until way past William’s bedtime.  Both my wife and I were tired after driving three hours and battling a thunderstorm that forced us to take refuge off the road along a building.  We had left long past when we wanted to from my in-laws because of our longer than expected walk and the day’s activities were starting to catch up to us energy wise.  When we finally got home we dropped many of the bags in the kitchen and put away only the essentials.  It wasn’t the perfect end to the perfect day, but having the time we shared as a memory is all that mattered as I drifted off to sleep on my wife’s first Mother’s Day.



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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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