DSC_0015My son is a couple years from the unending whys he will be asking whenever he can and I am thankful for that, but knowing it is coming got me thinking about why asking questions is sometimes considered a burden.  In my head I began asking myself the question of why we tend to not ask questions as we get older and if this is problematic in our own educational growth.  I wondered if maybe during our all knowing teenage years we decided we no longer needed to know what we thought we already knew or if there is something in our social circles influencing our need for knowledge.  Is it just laziness keeping us from asking those questions or do we no longer wonder as we grow older?

I am an inquisitive person.  I don’t like doing things just because.  I want to know why doing a task a certain way is the best and if we decided to change things up would it make it better.  I often question my daily routine both at home and work to see if I could be doing something better in some way.  I also will get something in my head that won’t leave until I look up the answer or ponder on a solution to a problem.  This can be both distracting and irritating but often will lead me to a better understanding of my surroundings and actions.

DSC_0106I am looking forward to when my son begins asking me why.  I’ll be able to help him explore in his learning and also begin to understand the process of finding the answers himself.  To me asking why is the best way to begin a day.  There are going to be times when the question can’t be answered.  This only teaches us how to better handle the unexplainable and the idea of not knowing everything.

To me a community, family, society, and individuals could be better by not jumping to conclusions already laid out before us, but by taking a moment, asking ourselves why and taking the time to fully understand the answers.  I feel we too often forget how to understand the world around us.  We would rather take what is given to us on the surface rather than digging beneath the cover and learning exactly what is behind the problem or question.

When my son reaches the age of why I will accept the challenge set upon me to teach, not that I know all the answers, but by asking why he is learning the best way to understand the world around him.  There might not always be an answer and sometimes it will be frustrating, but when that happens he can feel confident in the fact he has taken the time to ask the questions and search for the answers.  Sometimes I feel we’d be better off behaving like children when it comes to the world around us; asking one question at a time.





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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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