Feeling Helpless

Trying to nap through his sickness

Trying to nap through his sickness

Dealing with a sick child is a test to your abilities as a parent to stay level headed and think without going to the extremes.  Over the last week my son has been dealing with what we think is a sinus infection and it’s been tough not to rush him to the doctor to be fixed.  We did call as any concerned parent would, but were told unless he was running a fever for 72 hours there wasn’t much they could do for a virus.  So there me and my wife sat, taking turns trying to ease our son’s pain, and wondering what we could do to help.

He slept in my wife’s arms every night because if he slept on his back he would cough and choke on phlegm.  The only time we could sit down was either when he was napping or if the other was holding him.  The naps were far and few between.  There’s a permanent groove through our apartment where I paced back and forth for almost 8 hours this past Thursday holding my son as he coughed, sneezed and cried.  He was miserable and I felt helpless because I could do nothing for him.

I’ve been troubled by his sickness all weekend because all I could do was be ready to wipe his nose and cradle him in my arms.  I couldn’t make the sickness go away or the pain from coughing ease.  I watched as tears fell from his eyes.  I wanted him to be his happy little self again, but I couldn’t do anything to make that happen.  I know they have to fight off the sickness just like any one of us would, but it still doesn’t make it easier to handle when he looks up at you wanting your help.

Reading a bedtime story

Reading a bedtime story

If there’s one thing that makes me as a parent feel helpless it is dealing with a sick child.  Every night I lied awake worrying whenever he coughed, every morning I think about calling the doctor again to see if their mind changed on what we could do, I think about calling into work so I can be home taking care of him.  I know this will only help so much.  I’ll continue feeling helpless and worried over my sick child no matter what until his cough is gone and he laughs instead of cries.  These are the moments you never learn about and wish someone had told you how tough it is to care for a loved one who can’t take care of themselves.


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I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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One Response to Feeling Helpless

  1. Jonathan says:

    Our son is six months old and I can really identify with the sorts of things that you’ve mentioned here. When he’s not feeling himself, it’s kind of hard to deal with as he clearly isn’t able to fully communicate what’s up. Thankfully this hasn’t happened too much, but it certainly does leave you feeling a bit helpless.

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