Daydreaming and Reminiscing


William and his rings

I catch myself every so often looking forward to when my son will be able to walk, talk and play.  I think about what it will be like to take him out to the park to play catch, ride his bike and watch him run around with other children.  I think of how much fun it will be to watch him start school, get involved in team sports and make friends all on his own.  Then I realize if I continue to do all this daydreaming of how he’ll be in a few years I’ll miss everything he’s doing right now.


Enjoying some outdoor dining

My little guy has begun laughing when I tickle him, rolling over and getting upset because he can’t roll back, and laughing at our dog whenever she walks by.  He’s chatty in the morning and after a nap telling me everything that’s on his mind and he loves flirting with anyone and everyone.  My son loves looking at the trees out our front window as the sun dances in the leaves and if he had his choice we’d spend almost all day outside in the park.

My son has already grown so fast in the first 4 months of his life that I’ve forgotten some of the things he’s already done and will miss the firsts he’s already had.  The first time he screeched because he was excited, the first cry because he was scared and when he started playing with his new toy; a set of rings our friend gave us.


William and I enjoying the beautiful fall weather in the park

Whenever I do start thinking about the future I remind myself I need to stay in the moment as to not miss out.  I try hard not to take my son’s growth for granted and make sure to play with him as much as possible so I can not only be a part of his growth but witness when he has his next first moment.


About jharbottle7

I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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3 Responses to Daydreaming and Reminiscing

  1. therookiedad says:

    I remember those times. The moment he is able to walk, talk, and run you will be wishing for these times again. I say that and yet I love playing with my son who won’t shut up, won’t sit still, and can run faster then me.

  2. Tonya says:

    I think about all the things I’m missing when I’m at work.

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