Working On My Future

The week of August 19th was my last week of full-time employment for what I hope will be permanent.  My goal is to find enough freelance writing work, as well as working on my blogs, to be able to become the stay at home father I want to be.  I know it’s not as simple as taking one day off of work a week to dedicate to writing, but I’m hoping by taking the one day off I can create a schedule in which I can be able to work on the things to become successful. That being said, one of the areas I need to work on is figuring out how to find and do freelance writing work.

Me and WilliamI have embarked on a new chapter of my adult life and I’m scared I’ll fail.  I’m afraid the dreams I have will come crumbling down and I’ll be a failure to not only me but my family as well.  I’m afraid that I’ll finally realize I’m not the person I hope to be but the person I have started seeing in the mirror; miserable, grumpy and not helpful to those who love me.  My new chapter can easily go either way and if I don’t stay focused and push myself to new uncomfortable levels I’ll go back to my old ways and become the bitter man that I am becoming.  Now this change isn’t as big as when we decided to start a family, but it will affect how my family will live because less income coming in.  This is something I’d been mulling over since my wife became pregnant and now that she is back at work and our son is spending his days at daycare I wanted to give it a shot.

Why me and not my wife?  Because what I want to do for a career takes advantage of staying home.  (Plus we get our health insurance through her employer and she gets paid better).  I want to be a writer.  I want to be able to sit at my own desk, with paper, a pen and my computer in front of me and tell stories for others to read.  I want to be able to share what it’s like to be a father with those willing to read what I have to share and I want to write the next great American novel.  (That last part is a huge dream but why not go for it)?

I know there are thousands of others out there doing the same thing right now and a thousand more getting ready to start their blog today, but my story, even if it sounds similar, is different than theirs and maybe because of that difference I can connect with other parents.  I also know by taking one day a week off won’t make me successful in my ventures, that I need to work every day in order to make this work and I am ready to do that.  What I do want to do with this one day a week off is work on scheduling my week and getting projects started that can take time away from my family if I do it during the evenings when my wife and son are home.


About jharbottle7

I'm a husband, a father, want-to-be writer, struggling blogger and cyclist. Starting a family has changed my life and made me want to become a better person.
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2 Responses to Working On My Future

  1. echo says:

    Best of luck to you! I mean it! I have a lot of respect for people who break the traditional route so that they can live the kind of life they want. My partner is doing the same thing, so maybe I’m biased (he is starting his own bike wheel business in lieu of finding a full time job). Keep writing and good things will come!

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